Pokemon TCG (Oh no)

You may be coming here from Youtube (which you can watch here if you haven't already - opening the Darkai Mythical Collection box), or you may have no idea what I'm about to say, but sit down and let me tell you a story - it's a short one, don't worry.

A few months ago, a friend of mine was posting pictures of some of the new Pokemon cards he'd got. I was vaguely interested because, well, I like Pokemon. That night I had a dream about the cards. I can't exactly remember it now, from what I can remember I was simply opening up a bunch of booster packs. And thus, a very tiny seed was planted, one I didn't notice at the time.

Then, a couple of weeks later, I was watching a vlog on YouTube (from BayleeJae) and she was opening Pokemon cards or talking about them. I thought about the dream I had and I thought 'well, it'd be nice to collect cards again, but I have no one to play with!'. I tweeted such a thought and a couple of people replied to me. Good news! But what would I collect? I'd probably just want one of every Pokemon, I'm not interested in collecting the sets' I said to myself.


I watched a few more videos about Pokemon cards, branched out to some random searches. The urge grew. I happened to be planning to pop into Game later that day to trade in some games, and thought whilst I was there I might as well get some cards for the fun of it. I even got a cute little Gyarados pin!

Settled. I opened them, enjoyed them. Watched some more videos. The next day I was definitely becoming hooked. So much so, that by the afternoon, I'd decided I wanted to start collecting sets, I just didn't know which ones! Then the fact that they have a 20th anniversary one did it for me. I proceeded to have a poke around, and ended up buying 2 of the anniversary sets.

Now I'm totally hooked. I've branched out into other sets. I've bought a couple of premade decks to play with people.

It was my intention to start opening them in videos in order to a) give me an excuse to actually start my YouTube channel, something I've been meaning to do for a while and b) perhaps just very slightly legitimise the buying of the cards. Yeah I know, that last one is a little shakey, I admit! But I haven't been able to stop myself just opening them when I get them, instead of waiting to record it, oops!

Still, I don't intend to stop buying them any time soon, and I certainly want to complete the Generations set. There'll be plenty more to come, and there can definitely be some videos if I get off my but. You just wait =)
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Tilly & the Buttons Arielle Skirt

I've had this pattern and the fabric in my stash since February and I finally managed to push myself into making it - with the promised reward of Pokemon cards at the end, whoops! I wanted to make a short version that was lined - way to start hard - and decided I'd like a nice grey denim skirt. I got this Cotton Chambray Denim from Minerva Crafts and decided to line it in some of the leftover satin I had from my Midnight Mauve dress, since I live the combination of grey and purple together. The buttons I stole from an old jacket I have. They kept falling off so I stopped sewing them back on, which meant they were hanging around in my button tin, waiting for the perfect project to come by. I'll be honest, I wasn't hugely convinced buttons would be enough to hold it together, but I was pleasantly surprised and they certainly look nice.

I'll be honest, I'm not 100% happy with it, mainly the lining. However, that is entirely my own fault as I sort of skipped over some of the steps when attaching the lining to the facings. I guess I wasn't in the mood to be precise and I can be a lazy sewer quite often! Still, I keep telling myself that's on the inside and no one will notice, so perhaps in time I'll forget it even happened. Also, satin was perhaps not the best choice of lining. The skirt has ended up slightly big on my waist - though I have yet to wash it, so we'll see if that improves - but the slipperiness of the lining also means it has a habit of riding up. After a day of wearing, it's not as bad as I feared, but I do still have to tug it down periodically during the day just in case!

Construction was pretty easy aside from the lining, whipped it up in a couple of hours. Despite the laziness with my lining, I did bother to press my seams open! The hem isn't perfect either, but let's stop poking holes. This is definitely a wearable skirt, although I'm not sure if I'd make it again to be honest. Maybe I'll give the longer one a go, to stop my paranoia about it riding up.
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A Lack of Cosplay Lately

I'm having a bit of a funny turn with cosplay lately.

Since MCM I've worked on very little cosplay, despite having several plans for Amecon lined up, and you know what? I'm okay with that. I've taken a break, albeit it an unplanned one, and I'm good with that. If I 'only' take 4 (or fewer) cosplay to Amecon, that's fine, I'll live! I'm not about to go without sleep just to squeeze in some extra cosplays to wear - it may turn out to be the most relaxing con yet, we'll see.
But of course, it's crossed my mind that maybe I'm coming to the end of my time in cosplay. Maybe I'm at a natural lull and it won't pick up again - and once again, I'm okay with that!

And yet, I still have plans. I still want to enter ECG this year, I still have 3 big project cosplays I'd love to do next year. I can't fit the 2 together just yet - taking an extended break and yet having big plans that'd be fun to construct.

Not to mention that there are still a bunch of events I'd love to go to. I'm off to the FFXIV fanfest in Germany in February, and I definitely want to cosplay for that! Plus I'd love to go back to Japan Expo again, nevermind all the smaller UK cons where I get to chill for the weekend with my friends.
Maybe I just need to take an attitude to it like the one I'm taking to Amecon next year. It doesn't matter if I have a cosplay for every day of a con. It doesn't matter if half of them are rewears. I can enjoy my life, even when I'm not making cosplay! Maybe I can work on a big project, slowly, over a period of months, and wear it whenever it's complete.

We'll see what happens I suppose, it just seems to be a interesting turn of events in my head! =)
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Perceived Perfection

Lately I have come to realise that I need to stop treating cosplay with so much sincerity and relax and have fun with it more often.

I apologise as this is likely to be a long, rambley post, but I feel like writing it out will help me feel better about it. And who knows, maybe I'm not the only one.

Let's start at the beginning.

I was first introduced to cosplaying in 2007 when I was only 15. At the time it was all about having fun, wearing the characters I loved and being the typical young Expo fan. I grew up. I went to uni. I made new friends. Cosplay was still a pretty big part of my life. I learned about competitions. I started taking pride in making things well. And I kept finding myself not enjoying events as much as I used to, or as much as I wanted or expected to.

Slowly over time I've been reaching a point where I was convinced I would have to give up. It's stressful and it's expensive, I think we all know that. However the outcome of it is usually supposed to offset that. Whether that's by winning competitions, having someone take your picture or just having a good time with friends. I just haven't been finding the end result enough to justify the journey, as it were. I absolutely love my friends and adore spending time with them, but that doesn't have to be in a cosplay context. The cosplay itself? Well that usually makes me feel unhappy more than anything else.

Then a few weeks ago, at LSCC, I think I worked out the problem. I take cosplay too seriously. I treat it like everything has to be just right. I don't judge others like that mind you, just me. I looked at other people's cosplays and they weren't perfect. There were bits missing, hot glue strands peeking out, wigs lopsided. But it didn't matter. They were still recognisable. They'd still put in a lot of hard work. And more importantly, they were having fun.

I've lost that sense of fun. I don't quite know how or when. I've stopped enjoying making and wearing cosplays because I'm judging myself against a ridiculously high standard that it suitable only for the top competitions. In the competitive world it's fine to be like that, it's expected, but why am I behaving like that the rest of the time as well? I've told myself to be a good cosplayer I need to be perfect, which really isn't true. I'm drowning in a sea of perfection that doesn't exist. One that I've created out of some misplaced sense of 'doing it right'.

I am slowly relearning that mistakes are okay, remembering that we learn from them and let's be honest, we rarely notice the 'mistakes' on other people's cosplays anyway. Whilst making Meiko I'm letting some of those mistakes pass, I'm taking a few shortcuts that won't even affect the outside view of the cosplay in the end, but they sure do make my life easier. And you know what? I'm already much happier with it.

It is a slow process though, partly because I've spent so many years winding myself up in this tight ball of perfection that it's going to take some time to let go. This is part of the reason I've let the blog go over the last few weeks, I just couldn't keep on top of that along with everything else. I'm going to get over the Kita hump, as it were, and see where I'm at post that. Hopefully I'll be in a good place to start on some new cosplays again and I'll be able to jazz up the blog with some more excitement.

There's so much I still want to do. I just need to find a way to enjoy it again,
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Being Organised Part 1

I'm afraid to say that as a display, my sewing space is never particularly tidy, especially in the lead up to a convention. But considering my last con was over 3 months ago, I hardly have an excuse for why, up until last week, it was still a mess!
I'm not going to embarrass myself by showing you before and after photos, in fact, I won't even show you the after photos because it's not quite there yet (never fear, a tour of my small sewing space will be coming in the next few months, assuming I can keep it tidy!). What I will show you however is the main organisation of this space.

I bought these draws from Argos last year, and okay, they're not that exciting to look at. They're a wooden frame with a fabric covering and fabric draws - though the draws do have a cardboard base, small victories - so they're admittedly not the most sturdy piece of furniture. Nonetheless, the serve the purpose here as they hold most of my stuff, and most importantly, fit in the limited space I have!
Previously, the draws were a bit of a mess. Things shoved in after I'd finished with them and pulled out hastily again, messing up any sense of order there may have been. I even had a large plastic box and all manner of smaller boxes and bags, filled with things that wouldn't fit in. Through the power of actually bothering to be organised, I now don't have stuff littering the floor and everything fits into the draws instead!

The organisation goes like this.

Top draw has all of my current projects in, as in theory they are the bits I want to get to most often. I'm trying to make enough of the WIP bags to store all the in progress cosplays I have so they're quick and easy to pull out and nothing goes missing =)

The second draw down basically has all manner of sewing related things, whilst the third draw has more general crafting based things. So whilst the second draw has buttons, zips, ribbons and a few fat quarters in, the third has tapes of all kinds, paper, other helpful bits and pieces, as well as any small non-cosplay projects. For example, there's some cross stitch and crocheting for me to tackle one day!

The last draw is undoubtedly the heaviest, and yet for some reason used to build the top draw. I don't know why I ever thought there was any logic in that. This houses most of tools. Scissors, dremmel, hot glue gun, pieces for my overlooked and other things of that ilk. It's the draw I go to less often, so sadly for it, deserve it's spot on the bottom.

And that is how I now organise the vast majority of my sewing supplies! Fabric and paints are kept elsewhere, purely because of a lack of space. I'm hoping that now there's an order to it all, I be more inclined to keep it that way forever =)

How do you store your supplies? Is there any planning behind it or do things just live wherever they live? (Don't worry, we've all been there ;))

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