Future Wonderings

Am thinking I may turn this blog into a more general cosplay blog. I would certainly mean I use it more often, but I'm not sure many people read it now or would indeed read more if I updated more often with some other stuff.

I'm not too sure on what kind of thing I mean.
A cosplay/er of the week/month is one obvious thing, but aside from that I'm not sure. Events only happen so often (least, the ones I can go to) and a lot of the time I have no progress because I can't be making cosplay 24/7.
So I don't know what else I'd blog about (feel free to throw out some ideas).

Aside from that, becoming more and more determined that I'm going to do a predominantly armour based cosplay one day. Part of me thinks that should be FFXIII-2 Lightning, but maybe I should do something a little bit easier to start with.
So I don't know who that'd be, or when. I just know I'd love to make something like that one day.

Oh my god, Cecil. I wanted to do a Cecil cosplay.
That's it, that's decided. He will be my first predominantly armour cosplay.
Though I still have no idea when.
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Yeul Progress

(So I only left it just under 3 weeks, getting better.....)

Anyway, have some Yeul updates!

Firstly we have the skirt, though this is what it looked like a week ago. I have since cut it to the right length, just waiting for me to hem it tomorrow.

It's a weird kind of skirt. Yeul's skirt looks like it's supposed to be a wrapped skirt, but that's kind of impossible difficult to do (would require recutting everything, probably, and a lot of trial and error) so I decided to cheat a little. There is a zip in the back of the skirt (hidden) from which the wrap pieces on either side come from, so they at no point cross round the back (which would have caused problems).

So yes, quite proud as I haven't used any sort of a pattern. Just common sense and some trial and error.

Needs dying, but that'll probably be one of the last things I do as it's fairly simple.

Next are just some small photos. One shows my recolouring of beads. Gotta love sharpies, saved me having to buy 3 lots of beads when I only need what you see in the picture of red and green (also 2 of the original yellow). I have quite a few left, but no where near how many I would have had.
Also is the beginnings of the head piece. Has a craft foam base and then I'm building up the shape with air drying clay.

Lastly comes me looking all gangster.

Innit. Bro.

But I'm actually showing you the various bracelets Yeul has. Not shown (as they're not done yet) are the 'straps' (for want of a better word) that go across the back of her hands, they'll be pretty simple to do though.

There are still other various beading bits to do. She has other strap bits further up her arms. The main trick with that will be getting it to stay up, but I'll manage it somehow.

And then, that's about all the updates I have for now!

Still left to do is the top (not started at all), the beads straps as mentioned, finishing the headpiece and hemming her fur butcape.
Shoes were bought about 4 months ago, though I don't seem to have taken a picture. But they're just shoes, I'm not altering them at all.

Tomorrow I plan to bring out the sewing machine, get the skirt sewing finished and do the fur. Keep putting off the top, scared to start patterning that out!
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Next time I won't leave it so long

Okay, so, a long gap between my last post and this.
Especially since that Toko post has been sat half done in my drafts for ages, waiting for me to upload some pictures.
But still, I'm here now. Life has been busy. It's going to get a bit more chill now, hopefully.

Onwards to EXPO!

Current plans are
Friday - Lighting (FFXIII)
Saturday - Morning: Lightning (FFXIII), Afternoon: Dragonite (Pokemon)
Sunday - Yeul (FFXIII-2)

Lightning and Dragonite are clearly complete. Post-Expo I will have decent pictures of Lightning to show the world and you've seen Dragonite already (below).

Yeul is in progress. Beads were bought today, skirt has been started, boots were bought a while ago, wig was styled about 2 weeks ago.
So good progress. And should be finished in plenty of time for Expo.
Have also entered into the masquerade on Sunday, on my own, scary times =3

I am also intending to buy an SLR camera and continue my experimentation with being a photographer since I loved it so much in May. A few friends have said yes to letting me do photoshoots for them which is a good start =]
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Tokonatsu 2012

So Tokonatsu last weekend! Went on holiday the day after, meaning I had to leave early, hence the delay in a blog. But I still had a great time =]

It wasn't as cosplay intensive as I was expecting, but then, as I only had Lightning and Dragonite with me that was probably a good thing.

Wore Lightning for the majority of Saturday as I was in the masquerade, also managed to drag me in a Snow so I wasn't alone =p
I am 90% sure that I won 3rd place!! As mentioned, I had to leave before the closing ceremony on Sunday so I only heard from a friend. Foxy told me he 'had something for me' too, so I'm taking that as a good sign.
Which means a win in my very first masquerade =3 Not something I expected to get!!

After the masq I changed into Dragonite to be a bit more comfortable and took a few pictures of some friends.
Rewore Dragonite again on Sunday morning and the lovely Jimbo took some photos for me.
It was only even intended to be a simple, easy and cheap cosplay, but man, do I love the photos from it.

Foxy took some photos of me as Lightning on Saturday, but it started to rain heavily so we didn't get many photos and I haven't really had a chance to go through them yet.

So, a short post, but Toko was a wonderful con =]
Full of friendly people and very relaxed. Very very much looking forward to going back next year =D

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They be done!!

But first, just a brief point.
Last Saturday was Manchester Expo to which I gave Lightning her first test run. I put everything I had on the day before and I hated it. I just didn't think I suited her at all. But it would have been a waste to not go and not wear it, so I went anyway.
And had a great reaction =3
Apparently I've managed to pull off that 'doing her properly' thing that I was aiming for. Sure, I had bits missing (the gloves and no gunblade) but everything else was done properly and not half-assed and was accurate as can be. I think that was recognised by people which made me happy =3
So I'm finishing her properly for Toko next week and will hopefully end up at least being satisfied, just about.

So anyway, gloves.
I had originally attempted to make them out of real leather. Bad idea. Zero stretch at all.
So then I realised I had several metres of a bright blue fabric to make them out of. Though it'd be easy, but from this fabric, the first attempt was too small around 2 fingers and the second was just badly shaped.
I decided to either wait and buy some more stretchy fabric or make pieces to go inbetween the fingers, giving me the space I needed.

Then I went on a brief shopping trip yesterday to buy some other cosplay supplies and ended up buying some small stretchy leggings from Primark. For £3.

Et voila. (Also shown is a previous attempt)

So let the lesson be learned. Gloves must be made out of stretchy fabric and all your woes will disappear.
Also, Primark is sometimes perfect for cosplay supplies (because I also got a £2 pair of shoes).
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Lots of Lightning Progress!

Since I came home 3 weeks ago, by the lack of posting anything you'd think I hadn't been doing anything with my time. Really, the opposite is  true as have spent a lot of that time sewing. Infact, Lightning is now very nearly finished. I will be wearing her this Saturday a the Manchester Expo. She won't be complete in her entirety until Toko probably. But here, have a WIP montage picture =]

By Saturday, I will also have done her gloves (tried once (technically twice) and failed) and finished the fastenings on her jacket plus some other bits and bobs.
I really tried to get this done in plenty of time, but I feel like Friday night may be a late night considering I'm running off to London for 2 days =p
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Expo and future plans

So in the 2 weeks since I last posted, lots has come and gone.
I spent that week trying to finish my Lightning cosplay; it didn't happen. The plan was to get the jacket done at the weekend, the sword done two days during the week, and everything else in between. Well, the jacket still wasn't quite finished on Monday evening, sword was made but not hinged and a single day was not enough to finish everything else.
I got so stressed over it. I did take everything to Expo on Friday, with the intention of finishing whilst I was there, but I decided it wasn't worth it. I'd still probably have to rush it and I wouldn't be happy with it.
So instead, I had a relaxing weekend, still wore Lestrade for a bit of Saturday and took some photos instead.

Man, I love being a photographer.

Did some shots of the FFI-IV group on Saturday, which was rather fun. And some of my friend as Auron. All of which you can see here.
Missed the big FF Roundup shoot on Sunday, as I was feeling lazy. But I'll make sure to attend some more shoots in October.

I think I'll write up a more detailed breakdown of what Expo was like this time.
Suffice to say, it was interesting to see it from a different side, out of cosplay.

In the future /dramatic voice
As Lightning was not finished, I still need to finish her. But I'm not planning on wearing her until Toko, so I have about 2 months to do it, which should be plenty of time.
Unfortunately, the main sword part of my gunblade snapped so I need to remake that. And come up with a way for it to hold its own weight.

Also aiming to do Yeul for Amecon. Her outfit actually looks fairly easy. I've already got some white fabric to use, although I may not have enough. Have the wig as well. Hopefully my mum will have enough beads that I can steal. Craft foam for the head piece and am buying the shoes.

Will likely wear both of those 2 again for October Expo, since I don't want to make things for Expo, only rewears.
Saying that, I've agreed to do Trainer Rikku for next May, but, there's always Midlands Expo to wear it for =3

Only other recent plan is to to Disney Dressphere Princesses for Ayacon next year, hopefully with a full group. Have said I'd do Snow White, who is a gunner. But if the artist does any more designs, I may have to do Belle if she does one of her =p
And of course, still planning to do Micaiah next year with J, though I'm not sure if that's for Expo or for Aya.
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Lightning Gunblade Model

I got very stressed at my sewing machine earlier. Tension just wasn't right when trying to sew the jacket, for an un-known reason. Then broke a needle when I tried to sew some leather instead.

I almost gave up, with Lightning, with Expo, with cosplaying, but I chose to move on instead. Tried something different, that wasn't fabric. And made the test model for the gunblade.

Here's a video of that.
Ignore the fact I say 'Hey Roundup' at the beginning. Was intended for the Final Fantasy Roundup, but I thought I'd post it here as well.

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Lightning Updates

Firstly, I did completely intend to post something more before now. Shortly after my first post I went to Hobbycraft to buy a ton of stuff for Lightning's sword and pauldron and other bits, of which I was going to blog about. But then I realised, a picture of some foamboard and some paint isn't really that interesting. It'd be much better to show progress shots of the sword being made.

Which is what I'm doing today. Kind of.
Haven't started the sword yet, and don't plan to until exams are over. For now concentrating on sewing, and have actually started the jacket.

 So this is just the outside of it. Lining is done and looks very similar. Paused here whilst I figure out how to do the collar (used a pattern for the main part of the jacket, but needs altering for Light).

Also need to add on the pockets, with the long strips.

There will be some slight accuracy errors, but for the moment, I can't be bothered correcting them. Things like seams, nothing major.

And then we have the jumper. My second attempt (the first just wasn't right at all). Sleeves cut off, zip sewn up the middle. It bobbles up slightly cause of the stretch, so I removed it and have started sewing it in my hand instead. Not that I think that's really helping much.

I will finish the bottom once the zip is in, because it'd be a silly idea to cut it before I know the exact length.
And that's all the progress for Lightning I have to show at the moment.

This is an entirely separate cosplay. One for Tokonatsu. A gjinka of Dragonite from Pokemon.

Bought a cheap playsuit from eBay. Will get some long socks and a head band and dye them all orange.

Need to make some small wings, but I can't imagine that'll be too tricky. Want to keep it cheap and simple, so probably a wire coat hanger bent with some felt to cover it.
Not the best wings, but they should suffice.

Will be buying a longish white wig, probably.

And that is all the updates I have for the moment! I was going to do more to Light's jacket tonight, but my eyes are tired and I basically couldn't be bothered. Mustn't leave it all until the last minute though. Although, I do have a week from exams finishing until Expo, which if I devote it to cosplay making should be enough time.
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First Post Time!

So, should start with why I'm writing this blog I guess.
I want to chronicle my cosplay progress and achievements. Partly because I wish to make myself a little more know, partly because I think I need that extra push to get down and make things =p
So I hope to post at least once a week, hopefully mostly progress but will also include ideas and plans and thoughts.
Today, I shall start with ideas.
I want to do a Disney cosplay. Though I'm not entirely sure.
Part of me thinks Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) would be perhaps who I suited best, but although I like the film it's never been one of my favourites and I haven't seen it in a long time.
On the other hand, Beauty and the Beast is probably my favourite Disney film, and I'd love to do Belle's blue dress, but she is so overdone at the moment and that puts me off.
My mum mentioned Tiger Lily (Peter Pan) which would be interesting, and likely no one else doing her. But I run into the same problem as with Aurora and I'm not usually so keen on cosplaying a character I don't completely connect with.
Anyway, bit of a ramble, but I wanted to get a first entry in.
Should hopefully post about some Lightning progress soon =]
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