17 Before 2017: The Results

Well, the end of 2017 went a bit skew-whiff for me, to say the least. If you know me, you know the details, if not, well, I'm moving on in life and everything's gonna be fine. Anyway. That's why the blog went just a little bit quiet, but as life goes on, so shall my blogging.

My last post - here - happened to be at the point things went upside down, so though I really genuinely had wanted to get all of those 17 things done originally, I soon changed my mind. But hey, let's why not focus on the ones I did manage to complete instead :)

1. Clear out wardrobe - By virtue of moving out, I basically achieved this, even if not in the way I expected to! Several things did go to a charity shop though, so I'm calling it a win. Plus a bonus of clearing out the wardrobe in my parents' house.
16. Watch more anime - I'm giving myself this one, because there was no number on it ;) I've continued with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (until Netflix took it away, but I got the boxset for Christmas so I can continue that shortly), fallen in love with Yuri!!! On Ice (haven't we all) and started Code Geass.

Oh, was that it? Still, I've managed to get some other stuff done in the last 3 months, so it's not all bad! A few of the items became obsolete and a few more I'll be working on early in the new year and others will become on-going projects. At another time, with different circumstances, I think I would have achieved several more things on the list. I really like it as a way to motivate you to get things done before the year ends, so I'm fully planning to give it another go at the end of 2017. I just wonder what those 18 things will be!

Now it's time to bring in the new year and let's try to make it the best yet shall we? :) I'll see you on the other side, with some cosplay plans for 2017!
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2016 Cosplay Look Back

I'll start with something different this year. 2016 wasn't an odd year for me, but it was a difficult one, in many ways. I went to some amazing conventions (Minami for example <3) and then some downright terrible ones (Kitacon why, why do you do this to me?) so that's a mixed bag. But hey, I'm always hopeful that next year will be better :)

In terms of the cosplays I'd planned? Whoops. 2/8 isn't the best score, but there were decent reasons for all the ones I skipped out on and most of those will make an appearance next year instead! I'll post my plans early in the new year though. I did 7 in total, which is 1 more than last year, and not too bad a number :)

Meiko | Rikku | Winry | Hinata
Shion | Luna | Sora
There are oddities like Sora. It's a cosplay I've wanted to do for ages, but it wasn't until the middle of the year when I had the crazy idea of entering ECG with him that I turned it into a reality. Hinata barely counts as I bought the uniform to match Nesabi's Kageyama, but we had fun as those dorks. To be fair, I did also make a start on Hyrule Warriors Zelda, but unfortunately she has ended up being pushed back to next year, so I won't count her for this.

To be honest, I actually thought I'd done more than this! (Am I going to say that every year as well?) But thinking back, after Kitacon life was quite busy in general and I didn't have much time to do stuff before Amecon, and after that I was pretty much just working on Sora (or not making cosplay). So I guess it all makes sense really.

I did however sew a few normal clothes, so there's always that as well :)

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