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2016 Cosplay Look Back

I'll start with something different this year. 2016 wasn't an odd year for me, but it was a difficult one, in many ways. I went to some amazing conventions (Minami for example <3) and then some downright terrible ones (Kitacon why, why do you do this to me?) so that's a mixed bag. But hey, I'm always hopeful that next year will be better :)

In terms of the cosplays I'd planned? Whoops. 2/8 isn't the best score, but there were decent reasons for all the ones I skipped out on and most of those will make an appearance next year instead! I'll post my plans early in the new year though. I did 7 in total, which is 1 more than last year, and not too bad a number :)

Meiko | Rikku | Winry | Hinata
Shion | Luna | Sora
There are oddities like Sora. It's a cosplay I've wanted to do for ages, but it wasn't until the middle of the year when I had the crazy idea of entering ECG with him that I turned it into a reality. Hinata barely counts as I bought the uniform to match Nesabi's Kageyama, but we had fun as those dorks. To be fair, I did also make a start on Hyrule Warriors Zelda, but unfortunately she has ended up being pushed back to next year, so I won't count her for this.

To be honest, I actually thought I'd done more than this! (Am I going to say that every year as well?) But thinking back, after Kitacon life was quite busy in general and I didn't have much time to do stuff before Amecon, and after that I was pretty much just working on Sora (or not making cosplay). So I guess it all makes sense really.

I did however sew a few normal clothes, so there's always that as well :)


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