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2017: It's Gonna be a Big One

The list for this year is quite lengthy. Almost too lengthy. It scares me a little if I'm honest. But I am learning to face those fears in life and give everything a jolly good go!

I decided to split up the plans into 3 groups, in the hope that this will allow me to focus more easily on the cosplays that are at the top of the list. The first list is cosplays that I'm wearing as part of a group. These are definite (beyond the entire group being cancelled) because I don't like letting people down. The second is cosplays that I 100% want to do for myself this year, but I am willing to let these plans change in favour of others. The last is a list of cosplays that I want to do as long as I have the time and money to do them, on top of everything else. I can tell you now, not all of this group will be done this year, but hopefully I can get a few of them done in between times!

So in no particular order, we have:

Alphinaud - Final Fantasy XIV (Heavensward version)
Ash Ketchum - Pokemon
Edea - Bravely Default (Spell Fencer version)
Steampunk Kairi - Kingdom Hearts
Uzuki - The World Ends With You
Plus a secret plan for the Kita ball - only secret in case it doesn't end up happening!

Red Mage - Final Fantasy XIV
Zelda - Hyrule Warriors
Yang - Rwby

Lightning - Final Fantasy XIII-2
Fang - Final Fantasy XIII
Viktor - Yuri!!! on Ice
'Stormblood Monk lady' - Final Fantasy XIV (The one from the Stormblood trailer)
Rikku - Final Fantasy X-2 (undecided dressphere, possibly White or Black Mage)
Cinder - Rwby


Which doesn't seem so many broken down like that. Kind of. However, I'm not going to pretend that's a complete list, even if I do somehow magically manage to get all of these done! There will inevitably be additions and subtractions. To go with the many cosplays, I'm planning to attend quite a few events this year, which I suppose makes sense.

In calendar order:
Midlands MCM (maybe)
Final Fantasy XIV EU Fan Fest
Liverpool MCM (maybe)
Japan Expo
October MCM

Even if I manage to make it to all of these events - which seems likely, there's generally no reason for me to back out of an event - I have no way to know if I'll get all those cosplays done. If I do, it'll be a record year for me. If I don't, well, I'm sure I'll have given it a good go. Either way, it looks like it should be a fun year ahead :)


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